Eric and Ern


The List

By Marissa Burgess 20 August 2013

Ernie Wise lies in a hospital bed in the final moments of his life. In waltzes his white coated doctor, picks up his notes, turns to the audience and with a gentle push up the nose of his thick rimmed spectacles becomes Wise's 15-years-dead comedy partner Eric Morecambe.
It's a beautiful beginning to what is a fitting tribute to the double act who last worked together almost 30 years ago. But it's not just a tribute, it's also a hugely enjoyable piece of comedic theatre; just the right amount of comedy given an undercurrent of poignancy as the two friends are reunited for a final bow.

Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel perfectly imitate the pair; it's easy to become so absorbed you imagine that you're watching them in one of the musical halls where it all started. The humour both borrows and encapsulates the duo's gags and wisecracks and their famous trademarks are recreated. Eric clambers into bed with Ernie, Ern attempts to write his plays or sing a song as Eric tries to distract him and Eric tries to prove Ernie's hair is a wig.

Lovely stuff.